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Happy Loop

Happy Loop Self-Love

Happy Loop Self-Love

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Nurture your mind, body, and soul with the Happy Loop's Self-Love edition, your daily gateway to self-care, mindfulness, and positive affirmations. As you turn the lever, the soothing melody "What a wonderful world" fills the air, accompanied by a card that inspires reflection, encourages self-love and promotes well-being.

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Discover the Magic Inside


  • Magical Card Distributor & Daily Connection: Experience the joy of the Happy Loop as it flawlessly dispenses surprise cards, fostering deeper bonds with yourself. Make Happy Loop a part of your daily routine for magical moments of surprise and connection.
  • Sustainable and Expandable: Battery-free, the Happy Loop offers endless surprises with refillable card packs available on our website.
  • Thoughtful Design: With high-quality wood, the Happy Loop adds elegance and charm to any space.

Included with your Happy Loop

With the Starter Pack:

  • A Happy Loop Wooden Box with its sunny magnet
  • Built-in Music Box with the melody "What a Wonderful World"
  • Theme-Specific Card Set: "30 Days of Self-Love"
  • User Manual and Care Instructions

With the 3 months Pack:

  • A Happy Loop Self-Love Starter Pack
  • Built-in Music Box with the melody "What a Wonderful World"
  • 3 differents Self-Love Card Sets.
  • User Manual and Care Instructions

With the 12 months Pack:

  • A Happy Loop Self-Love Starter Pack
  • Built-in Music Box with the melody "What a Wonderful World"
  • 12 differents Self-Love Card Sets.
  • User Manual and Care Instructions


Material: Wood (box), ABS (spinny)
Dimensions: 3.5x3.5x3.1 in

  • Turn the Lever ✨

    Rotate the lever and activate the magic.

  • Music and Card 🎶

    The music box melody begins as a card pops out.

  • Read and Display ☀️

    Read the heartfelt message and place the card on the Happy Loop.

Unlock a World of Self-Love

With the Happy Loop Self-Love, you have a daily companion that promotes personal growthmindfulness, and positive living.

Choose Happy Loop and unlock a world of self-love, where each day becomes an opportunity to prioritize yourself, nurture your soul, and create a positive impact on your overall happiness and fulfillment.

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Discover the power of cards

The Happy Loop Self-Love comes with a set of carefully curated cards that uplift and empower you on your well-being journey. Each card is thoughtfully crafted to bring positivity and meaning into your daily life. Complementary sets of cards available very soon!

  • 30 jours de gratitude

    30 cards to cultivate a grateful mindset with these daily prompts and exercises. Embrace the power of gratitude and discover the joy in appreciating the simple things in life.

  • 30 Days of Self-Love Coupons

    30 days to treat yourself to self-care and self-love with these feel-good coupons. Pamper yourself, practice self-care rituals, and prioritize your well-being.

  • 30 Days of Positive Inspiration

    30 cards infused with positivity and inspiration. Each card contains an uplifting message, affirmation, or a motivational quote to uplift your spirit.


Happy Loop FAQs

How does the Happy Loop work?

The Happy Loop is a wooden box that combines music and surprise cards. By turning the lever, a delightful melody plays, and a card pops out, displaying a positive message. The card can be placed on the front of the Happy Loop as a keepsake.
The box can hold a pack of thirty custom-made and lovingly crafted cards. Dozens of refills will be available on our website at the time of launch. It's a simple and enchanting experience that strengthens bonds and spreads happiness.

What is the difference between the three box designs?

Different box designs for different moments. Happy Loop offers three unique box designs: couples, children, and self-love. Each design is tailored to specific occasions, creating a personalized experience that suits your needs. The pack of cards included for free in your order will also depend on the model you have chosen.
During the official launch of the product, you will be able to purchase refills of your choice, regardless of your initial Happy Loop. In fact, our cards have been designed to be compatible with all three initial boxes.

Is Happy Loop suitable for all ages?

Yes! Happy Loop is designed to bring joy to people of all ages. Whether you're surprising a child, expressing love to your partner, or sending self-care reminders to yourself, Happy Loop is a delightful experience for everyone.

Where and how can I store my cards as I draw them?

We will very soon offer storage and display options on our website so that you can keep, collect, and showcase your favorite cards.

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